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Online Tutoring is convenient for both you and your child because it can be done anywhere!  You child will enjoy tutoring in the comfort of their own home allowing them the freedom to make mistakes without judgment.  You will not need to add any travel time to a tutoring center into your schedule.  Tutoring sessions are one or two hours per week, depending on the needs.


Zoom is the online platform that I use.  Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows the tutor and student to see each other and use a whiteboard and share screens even if they are across the country or the world!


Here is how online tutoring works:


1.  Schedule an appointment for your free assessment.


2.  Set up a free Zoom account at  


3.  Add me to your contacts by using my email address


4.  Complete the assessment.  Upon completion of the assessment, I will email you the results.


5. You are ready to schedule your tutoring sessions.

6.  I will send you a link to your Zoom meeting room.  The meeting ID will be unique to our sessions.



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