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Does Your Child Need A Tutor?

Here are some signs that your child may need a tutor:

1. Unable to finish homework or frustrated during homework time

Children who are unable to finish homework, stop bringing it home or are frustrated during homework time may simply not understand it and the concept that it is reinforcing.

2. Your child avoids talking about their school day

Children that used to come home and talk about their day and now that has stopped or is minimal. There may be an underlying problem at school. It may be that someone is bullying them or it maybe that they feel like they can't keep up.

3. The child seems to have headaches or stomach aches frequently

If your children are frequently complaining about headaches or stomach aches, the complaints may be stress related. They may feel overwhelmed that they are just not getting it.

4. Children are not managing time well

Children that are taking too long to complete homework and are not managing their time well maybe be struggling and too embarrassed to speak up.

5. Children that are consistently confused about their homework

Children that are always confused about the homework or unable to explain it to others maybe be confused about what they are supposed to do.

6. Lacking confidence in their abilities

If a child seems to lack confidence in their abilities or says "I'll never get this", or "I'm stupid." This is a sign that your child needs help.

7. Slipping Grades

If the child's grades are slipping, it may be time to get a tutor for that subject.

8. Decreasing Parental Supervision

If the family's activities have made it impossible for the child to have a set time for homework, it's time to rethink the schedule.

9. Learning Disabilities

If the child has learning disabilities or if you suspect a learning problem, speak to their teacher. This may be an undiagnosed problem. Many of them can be managed with proper instruction.

If this sounds familiar, please give me a call today at 914-450-0469. I will be able to help you! Take time to talk to your child each day about their school day. If you suspect a problem, please talk to a teacher, or a counselor.

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